Happy Labor Day

President's Message
September 7, 2020

Happy Labor Day COBANC members! While this Labor Day will be more subdue than normal, with limited barbecues and smaller gatherings, it does not change the fact that this is our holiday.

Especially this year, COBANC members have shown just how valuable they are. Whether it was our skeleton crews who answered the call to keep the courts open, or those members who worked from home, we have kept the courts in operation since day one and continue to provide access to justice for all!

As we move towards these challenging times ahead, we will not waver from the job at hand. To protect every title, person, and enforce the provisions of our contract. We will not bow to the threats to defund our membership!

On Labor Day, we say thank you for your work over this past year. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your professionalism, and thank you for your support. I hope that everyone has a Safe Labor Day.

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