Message from the president


Please see the below message from our Election Chair in regards to the most recent COBANC election:

"We have considered the issues related to the recent elections for COBANC’s board positions and have consulted with Dave Davis and Alex Kaminski our labor attorneys who inquired with election experts regarding the same. It is our understanding that ballots, possibly as many as 65-70, were not addressed properly. Such caused numerous COBANC members to not have the opportunity to vote at all or to have their ability to vote significantly hampered.

As a result of this inadvertent error, our election committee has determined that the elections must be redone with replacement ballots sent out to all members ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to vote. This opinion is based on the likelihood that if the election were challenged it would not withstand scrutiny. Further, COBANC has received several complaints about this issue and the propriety of the election, including from multiple candidates themselves.

As such replacement ballots for 1st Vice President and Secretary will be mailed out on Thursday, May 26, and must be postmarked no later than June 9. According to NYS law, the incumbents shall remain in office until the replacement ballots are counted. Respectfully, Janet Walsh Election Chair COBANC"

On behalf if the entire Executive Board, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. The integrity of our elections are of the utmost importance and it is imperative we take all necessary precautions to make sure the results are honest and fair, and that all members are afforded the right to vote.

If you have not received a ballot by June 4th or have any questions please contact the union office.

In Unity,

Peter A. Piciulo