Message from the President


We are still in the process of getting our eyeglass providers online when it comes to eligibility. As we told you back in July, there will be some growing pains and this is a big one. We advise you to call the store to make sure you are eligible. If you are not, call us and we will manually get that done before you make an appointment.

We will be asking for a $5 increase in our dues. Currently, dues are $15 and we are asking to increase that by $5 to a total of $20. COBANC has not raised dues since 2006. We will let you know when we will be putting it out for a revote. Here are some numbers to support why we are asking for an increase.

2008 – 947 MEMBERS X $15 = $14205.00 X 26 = $369,330.00
2023 – 721 MEMBERS X $15 = $10,815.00 X 26 = $281,190.00
MEMBERS DOWN 226                      DIFFERENCE OF $88,140.00
$3390 PER PAYCHECK = $88,140.00 ($7333.33) A MONTH

In Unity,

Peter A. Piciulo

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