25 COBANC Members Honored

President's Message
March 22, 2019

I was informed today, March 22, that 25 of our members were honored yesterday in Supreme Court. How could that be you ask? I too asked the question. A stop in District Court this morning I was greeted with “where were you?” and “how could you not know?”.

It is a travesty that the union that represents the members being honored was NEVER notified. Respect is a two-way street, but it seems COBANC is the only one reaching. I do not know when the lack of respect started, but management should be ashamed. This total disrespect is running rampant throughout the UNIFIED court system. Local administration can find the phone to complain about what we post on our website, but not to notify us of such an event.

After emailing my displeasure, locals response was even more appalling. To learn that 25 of our members were honored for the first time was mind blowing. They said that the ceremony was openly discussed for 45 days? Really? With whom? No executive board member knew of this event, none.

I personally apologize on COBANCs behalf for not being at the ceremony to recognize the honorees in person. But I assure you this, if we would have been included and invited or at the very least notified, COBANC would have been there.

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