3/4 Disability Bill Signed

President's Message
December 11, 2023

Governor Kathy Hochul has signed our 3/4 Disability Pension Bill. Here is our lobbyist Peter Meringolo’s email:

After 5 years of our work in Albany, I am so proud and elated to report to you that our Disability Bill has been signed. It is now CHAPTER 685. Finally, your members will be afforded the same protection as others in Law Enforcement. I could not be happier for a bill that your members have always deserved. I want to thank all of you for staying with me and having faith in me to continue to lobby on your members' behalf. I must say that this bill will now stand along with the 9/11 Presumptive Disability Bill as one of my great accomplishments. I cannot wait to hang it on my wall. It will be a great honor for me to present each union with a framed pen certificate for you to hang in your office.

We now can be proud that it was COBANC that led this fight after our member Sergeant Mike Kilbride was injured protecting a judge when he was in arraignment B. The bill has been vetoed by two governors over 9 years. It is no secret that I never thought I would see this day. Wow. Congratulations to our peace officers in the courts!

In unity,

Peter Piciulo

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