A New Work Environment

President's Message
June 5, 2020

As Phase 1 has begun, we found ourselves in a whole new work environment. All courts are currently undergoing a "remodel" and COBANC is working with local OCA and Beaver Street to achieve the safest environment to return to.

Like everything in our lives, change is a slow process. Since OCA does not own the buildings, all fabricating work, like plexiglass barriers, must be put out to bid. You will be seeing these barriers being installed where higher contact with the public will be first. Remember that Phase 1 and 2 have very limited access to the public if any. We have seen the magnetometers new look with the plexiglass and you should start seeing this being implemented throughout the buildings in the upcoming week.

Currently, there are approximately 30% of our members working on site. Judges and their staff, office support, and security are reporting. Virtual courts have become the new norm for these phases. Sanitizing stations throughout the buildings as well as floor markings to direct traffic are being applied. Those who are working in our office departments should notify their supervisor if they don't have the proper PPE in their department.

We need to work together during these unprecedented times. Please help us to help you during these opening phases. We are trying to get answers to the many questions not only you have but we have. The answers are not coming as fast as we would like and have the same frustrating feeling. Unfortunately, we cannot have a meeting due to the federal guidelines so utilize your delegates and our page to get information.

Since March 17, we have been working to make sure those who are working on site are safe and protected. We made it to Phase 1 with few issues and give credit to those who have been working tirelessly during this crisis.

We also remind our uniformed force to be aware of your surroundings when in uniform. Do not go out to lunch or drive in uniform or at the very least wear "cover".

Please practice safe hygiene and respect your coworkers by practicing safe distancing and wearing a mask when you can't.

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