Budget Update

PAC News
April 8, 2021

Late last night the Judicial Budget was passed by both the Senate and the Assembly. It currently is awaiting the Governor's signature.

The budget restores the original 10% cut and it is projected that there will not be a year-to-year cut that had originally been projected. Our 2% raise that OCA opted to defer is also being restored. Our retro on the 2% is also reported to be in the budget. As a side note, monies have been allotted in this budget to administer the next statewide Court Officer exam.

Contrary to news reports, the early retirement incentive is not being offered to state employees.

Rest assured we will not be pulling any actions against OCA on the 2% and retro monies until we are made whole.

All this and more will be explained next week at our General Membership meeting at the Knights of Columbus on April 14.

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