General News
January 4, 2019

For members enrolled in the Empire Plan for 2019 all medical and prescription co-payments remain the same as 2018. This is in contrast to all other NYS Court System bargaining units whose co-payments have increased this year. This may cause some confusion with some medical providers or pharmacies that are not aware there are twelve separate bargaining units within the Judicial system. Tell them you are a member of COBANC (not just "I work for the courts") to ensure you are charged correctly.

A booklet entitled "The Empire Plan Special Report" was mailed to all employees of the Unified Court System recently. It contains co-pay cards and information for Judges, Justices, Nonjudicial Employees and Employees designated Management/Confidential (M/Cs) of the Unified Court System (UCS) (excluding the Court Officers Benevolent Association of Nassau County (COBANC). The information in this booklet does not pertain to COBANC members.

An additional booklet entitled "AT A GLANCE - UCS | Unified Court System (COBANC)" was mailed to COBANC members. This guide correctly describes the benefits and co-pays for COBANC members and is the one you should use. To view the online version click here.

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