Happy Labor Day

General News
September 1, 2023

Thanks to the efforts of labor unions, workers have achieved higher wages, more reasonable hours, safer working conditions, health benefits, and continued assistance when retired. Union Strong was not just a slogan but a united membership when it came to negotiating collectively with an employer to protect and further workers' rights and interests.

COBANC members have shown just how valuable they are. Whether it was our skeleton crews who answered the call to keep the courts open during COVID, or those members who worked from home, we kept the courts in operation since day one of COVID and continued to provide access to justice for all!

As we move towards these challenging times ahead, we will not waver from the job at hand. To protect every title, and person, and enforce the provisions of our contract.

On Labor Day, we say thank you for your work, thank you for your patience, thank you for your professionalism, and thank you for your support. I hope that everyone has a Safe Labor Day!

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