Message from the President

President's Message
May 21, 2021

Dear Members,

The upcoming week will be a challenge for all of us. Returning to full staff operations after a pandemic is not as routine as returning from your honeymoon, and that’s something I should know as I have done that a few times. We have been working with local administration and OCA Beaver Street to make sure that the buildings will be ready for full staff operations. Chief Judge DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Larry Marks have determined that for the time being, the Unified Court System will continue to require judges, staff, and courthouse visitors to wear masks in courthouse settings, whether they are vaccinated or not as well as temperature checks. We know that there will be elevated levels of anxiety and each person deals with change differently so please be respectful of all your fellow employees. Things will not be going back to normal visitor volume-wise and we anticipate it to remain as it is for some time. We hope this helps calm some who have called voicing their concerns on such. Any questions on courtroom occupancy should refer back to District Administrative Judge St. George's memo dated April 30, 2021.

Even the best laid out plans can go ayre. Any concerns or issues that may arise please find one of the delegates in your building. If you do not remember who they are please go to

In Unity,

Peter A. Piciulo

President, COBANC

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