Non-Judicial Staffing Cut to 40%

General News
December 11, 2020

I hope that most of you are doing well and are heathy during this very stressful time with the holiday season upon us. The courts are in deceleration mode as the number of positive cases tic upwards. Non-Judicial staffing is being cut down to no more than 40% county wide.  Now more than ever it is important to practice good hygiene and follow all the protocols that have been given to protect you. Please do not let your guard down and congregate with your fellow members in closed spaces with no masks.

The Administration has put out the new guidelines on December 8th. If any member experiences any diversion from these guidelines please contact your delegate or this office with the details. We can and have been able to stop gross negligence when it comes to violation of the protocols issued, but we need your help to know when they are being stretched as soon as possible. The phrase, “ A day late and a dollar short” can not be more true when it comes to a violation of protocol.

As the end of 2020 comes to a close, we have been working on the calendar books, cards, decals and pens that will be distributed to all members. As soon as all the items are in, we will notify you as to when and where you may go to get yours in each building. The wall calendars for 2021 are already in the courthouses so if you need one see your delegate or call the Union office and we will make sure to get it to you.

When it comes to us communicating with the membership during this unforeseen time, we have a couple of venues for you to access. First of course is to talk to your delegates as they are in and about and can assist you personally. Second is of course through our website, We will also send out message blasts by way of your personal emails. This is the most important way that we stay in touch with you the member. Please if you haven’t done so yet, give us your email information as in the upcoming year we will be doing most of our notification email-based. If your email changed, you must let us know so we may update our database. Lastly, we now have a Facebook page where we post the most up-to-date information as we get it. Facebook allows us to post in real-time.

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