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September 10, 2021

UPDATE: AS OF 9/21/21

COBANC has secured the services of Baseline Health. On-Site COVID-19 Testing will be available every Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM, starting 9/17, at the Mineola Court Complex. No appointment is necessary.

Look for the Baseline Health Medical Command Vehicle in parking field #14 on the south side of Supreme Court.

You must bring a picture ID (either your Court ID or Driver’s License)and your Insurance Card. If you can bring photocopies with you to the testing site that will help speed things up. If not, Baseline Health will scan them when you arrive. 


A link is available that you can use to pre-register for testing. This will also help speed things up. This link will bring you to a Google Form that will ask you to input your name, DOB, and cell number.
Click here to pre-register

The flyer for this testing program has been updated to include a QR code for pre-registration. Please see the attachment to this email for the flyer. The simplest way to scan a QR code is to point your smartphone's camera at a printed copy, or a computer screen, smartphone, or other device that has the QR code image on its display.

For instructions on how to scan the QR code from a downloaded image or screenshot check out this YouTube video:
How to Scan QR Code from Image or Screenshot [Android & iPhone]

Documentation from Baseline Health indicating that you were tested will be provided. You do not have to wait at the testing location for your results. Once the results are completed, Baseline Health will send a text to your cell phone that contains a secure link to your test results.

This information was last updated 9/21/21 9:30AM.

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