Social Status for Mask Policy

President's Message
July 15, 2021

Good Afternoon: Yesterday OCA rolled out their mask policy for the attorneys and court users. Once again OCA is thinking without a brain. We did not even get these cards until this morning, a day late. We were never informed on how they plan on rolling out these policies. If they did we would have voiced our displeasure on how they give their employees a hard time to get a pass while the average Joe can just step up and get one. We want you to know that yesterday we voiced our displeasure to OCA as a coalition and it fell on deaf ears. They just throw numbers at us of how many employees statewide have gone through the process and feel they have done nothing degrading to you.

Today COBANC sent OCA their own email expressing our displeasure in their communication skills and bad thought processes. How we should be included and not ignored and our displeasure in this whole social ladder they have now created. We will not be treated as if we do not matter. We need to be heard on these bonehead decisions now and in the future, before they get implemented.

When Judge DiFiore refers to us as her “Court Family”, just exactly what does she mean? Would anyone treat their mother, father, sister, brother, or child this way?

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