Active Member Dental Care Benefits

COBANC offers dental benefits for Active Members and their eligible dependents through the nationwide Capital Plan PPO Network. When outside of the New York/New Jersey area, COBANC Active Members also have access to an additional network known as the Careington CareMax PPO Network. Out-of-Network dental care benefits will be paid according to the schedule listed in the Active Member Supplemental Benefits Plan. To view plan coverage, please go to the Active Member Benefits Main Page.

Capital Plan PPO Network

COBANC members have access to nationwide dental coverage through Capital Plan PPO Network.

Careington CareMax PPO Network

When outside of the New York/New Jersey area COBANC members also have access to an additional national network of providers through the Careington CareMax Network. Copayments will apply and may vary based on the provider seen at the time of care.

Locating a Provider

You can locate a provider for both networks by clicking or tapping the link below. If you are outside of the New York/New Jersey area, please verify with the provider which network they belong to and whether or not a copay will apply. If the provider belongs to both networks, coverage will be provided through the Capital Plan PPO Network.
Locate a Dental Provider

Dental Group Numbers: Full-Time Members (GG-489A2), Part-Time Members (GG- 489P2)

Claims Processing

Healthplex processes claims for this benefit. The Healthplex Member Site is an excellent place to keep track of your claims. Here you will be able to get quick and easy access to the information you need to manage your benefits, including your Healthplex ID (COA#). Click or tap here to log in or register. If you need to speak to a representative, please call 1-888-468-5178.

Dental Care Claim Form