Laser Vision

Active Member Laser Vision Correction Benefit

COBANC offers a laser vision correction benefit for Active Members and their eligible dependents. This benefit will be paid according to the schedule listed in the Active Member Supplemental Benefits Plan. To view plan coverage, please go to the Active Member Benefits Main Page.

The COBANC Laser Vision Correction Benefit is a reimbursement towards the uncovered amount from any other medical insurance/coverage which covers you or your eligible dependents. To process your claim efficiently, please remember to submit any and all Explanation Of Benefits from your healthcare provider(s) together with the Laser Vision Claim Form. See below.

Claims Processing

Healthplex processes claims for this benefit. The Healthplex Member Site is an excellent place to keep track of your claims. Here you will be able to get quick and easy access to the information you need to manage your benefits. Click or tap here to login or register. If you need to speak to a representative, please call 1-888-468-5178.

Laser Vision Claim Form (It is preferable that you fill out this form electronically, then print, sign and date it before submitting it. If you hand-write, please print legibly.)