Active Member Maternity/Adoption Benefit

COBANC provides a maternity/adoption benefit for Active Members and their eligible dependents. This benefit will be paid according to the schedule listed in the Active Member Supplemental Benefits Plan. To view plan coverage, please go to the Active Member Benefits Main Page.

Claims Processing

When filing a Maternity/Adoption Claim, all paperwork (the Claim Form, a copy of the Birth Certificate or Adoption Papers, etc.) should be submitted to COBANC. An original signed and dated Health & Welfare Enrollment/Update Form must be submitted with the claim. Once we have enrolled your new dependent for coverage, we will process your claim. If you need to speak to a representative, please call the COBANC Health & Welfare Fund at 516-794-0600.

Maternity/Adoption Claim Form
Enrollment/Update Form
(It is preferable that you fill out these forms electronically, then print, sign and date before submitting them. If you hand-write, please print legibly.)